Overview - Lancer Fortis


A Relaxed Fit

Poised for the beginning of a new day. Lancer Fortis takes to the streets with cool , easy style. Taking a mature approach to the heritage of Lancer, this stylish sedan features all the driving pleasure you've come to expect from Mitsubishi. The forceful stance, starting from its down-to-earth front face and a sweeping back along its solidly grounded bodyline, flows into a sophisticated new look that's sure to attract notice. When you're ready step onto a new stage, Lancer Fortis is ready to take you.

On The Inside, Looking Out

Once in the driver seat of lancer Fortis, its easy to forget how attracted you were to the sleek exterior styling. The ergonomic instrument layout, illuminated in stylish red to contrast the sharp silver accents, places every control exactly where your intuition says it should be, putting you in full command without ever having to take your eyes from the road.