Features - Lancer Fortis

1.8-Liter MIVEC Engine

The pure essence of driving pleasure, all wrapped up in a 4-cylinder package. Lancer Fortis 1.8 liter powerhouse puts out 103kW (140PS), putting you firmly in control of city streets and open highways alike. Mitsubishi’s exclusive MIVEC technology provides optimal valve timing across all rev ranges, giving you the most out of every mile of pavement.

CVT with INVECS-III with Sports Mode

With CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), Lancer Fortis offers a new level of driving enjoyment: an automatic transmission that’s smooth, quiet and efficient, eliminating the harshness and power lag of traditional gear changes.


Lancer Fortis was built for safety right from first stage of design, with the construction of the RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body. The RISE body protects occupants with extensive front and rear crumple zones that absorb impact energy before it reaches the cabin. The cabin and doors meanwhile, use a highly rigid frame and reinforced beams to redirect energy and damage around and away from occupants.

Serine Interiors

Welcoming you into its comfortable embrace, Lancer Fortis furnishes you with an environment free from outside distractions, Insulated doors keep out unwanted noise, while the climate control and spacious seating make Lancer Fortis an experience of sheer pleasure even before you’ve started on your way.

Disclaimer: Accessories / Features shown may vary in appearance according to market. Please consult Mitsubishi Oman for more detailed information.