Overview - Mitsubishi Lancer EX


The Hidden Passion Behind The Mask

Lancer has returned, sleeker, stronger, better. The Lancer EX is Mitsubishi’s answer to all that is tired and cliché about sports sedan. Featuring a bold design surrounding a heart as agile as it is powerful, Lancer EX is sure to set your pulse racing. Place your hands on the hood, and you may still hear the echoes of the rally.

A Moving Performance

Away from the crowds, when the spotlights have dimmed, Lancer EX still manages to take center stage. Genuine style never needs to shout for attention, it’s simply a natural attraction.

The Best Seat In The House

It’s a shame, really. Something so beautifully designed that you’ll hardly ever need to look at it. The cockpit of the Lancer EX has been ergonomically laid out to put every control exactly where intuition tells you it should be. Paddle shifters and audio controls have also been added to the steering wheel, giving you the control you want without ever needing to take your eyes off the road ahead.

The Inside Story

After the racing-inspired passion of Lancer EX’s exterior design, what awaits you on the inside may come as a surprise. Serene and inviting, Lancer EX provides an environment free from the distractions of the outside world. Insulated doors keep out unwanted noise, while the automatic climate control and spacious seating make Lancer EX a pleasure to drive before you’ve even started on your way.

Balance And Control

Power without stability will get you nowhere fast. Lancer has long been known for pushing the envelope in providing drivers with unparallel driving control, so as exceptional as the Lancer EX is, its advanced handling and stability should come as no surprise. Incorporating the lessons of the racetrack and the rally course, Lancer EX fuses quick-responding suspensions with flex-resisting body construction for high performance driving that’s sure and confident.

Safety And Reliability

The unexpected. You can’t predict it, but you can be prepared for it. Because surprises can come in any form, Lancer EX includes any array of active and passive safety features to protect all occupants from harm. Powerful anti-lock brakes and brake-force distribution enables drivers to avoid hazards in the road, while the RISE body works to absorb collision damage and direct it away from the interior.

Comfort And Utility

Performance never fails to impress, but don’t forget you’re still human. A comfortable interior appointed with amenities throughout take an exciting ride make it even more enjoyable on board. Lancer EX also provides you with a spacious and convenient cargo area and other practical features. You have a life, after all.