Features - Mitsubishi Pajero LWB 3.5


AWC (All Wheel Control)

More than a technology, All Wheel Control is our guiding philosophy. Incorporating an array of innovative system into an integrated performance and control network, AWC delivers precise traction, power and slip control for each wheel independently to ensure complete driver control even in extreme handling conditions.


Monocoque Body with Built-in Ladder Frame

They say that superior off-road handling capability could only come at the expense of on-road smoothness. They have obviously never driven Pajero. By incorporating a lightweight and highly rigid Monocoque body with a built-in ladder frame that provides added resistance to torsion and flexing and fixing them atop a dynamic independent suspension, Pajero achieves an unprecedented combination of all-terrain control and luxury-sedan comfort. For added durability, Pajero now makes more extensive use of galvanized steel body panels, while the new aluminum hood panel reduces weight for better handling.



Pajero's rally-proven all-wheel independent suspension gives drivers confident, predictable handling in even the most unpredictable road conditions. The front double-wishbone and rear multi-link suspensions use coil springs to provide quick and natural response, especially when cornering. The independent suspension, coil springs and Monocoque body all work together to provide a greater degree of suspension travel. The result is impressive road-handling and greater stability even over the roughest off-road conditions.


ASTC (Active Stability Control System)

ASTC utilizes a network of control units and intelligent sensors to monitor vehicle status as well as the drivers steering. As road and vehicle conditions change, ASTC manages the forces on all wheels by precisely controlling engine torque and braking force going to each one, providing improved vehicle control, trace ability and traction an all driving conditions. ASTC calculates real-time vehicle status via sensor data. Whenever the potential for oversteer or understeer in corner is detected, ASTC determines the correct yaw for Pajero and applies breaking force to the appropriate wheels. This enables drivers to maintain control even in slippery road conditions. ASTC lets driving enthusiasts enjoy the full potential of Pajero in complete confidence.


Flexible Utility Space

Every day brings new destinations, new friends, and new adventures. You don't want to be stuck in someone else's rigid assumptions of where to go and what to do. Pajero understands, and provides you an interior as versatile as it is roomy, with plenty of seating and storage options for work, fun or daily life.


Premium Entertainment

Few things are as fun as listening to your favorite tunes as you head down the road. Now you can enjoy them as never before with Pajero's powerful Rockford Acoustic Design premium sound system that turns the entire cabin into a concert hall. The powerful amplifier and high quality speakers are capable of producing all the power and clarity of a home sound system. giving you complete music enjoyment everywhere you go. Output levels can even be automatically balanced for different music styles, and can also be centered on individual passenger positions. For rear passengers, the new DVD player and video screen might just be enough to make up for not getting to drive.


Exclusive INVECS-II AT

INVECS-II studies driving habits and complements them. Optimum Shift Control analyzes conditions and driving style, comparing them to its database of shift patterns to balance power, control and efficiency. Adaptive Shift Control studies acceleration and brake timing, then learns to anticipate driver actions.


Engine Performance

The control that put Pajero in the Dakar Rally record books didn't come by skimping on engine power. The rugged outdoors are unforgiving on those who show up unprepared, which is why Pajero comes with a range of engines to provide ample power for all conditions.


Disclaimer: Accessories / Features shown may vary in appearance according to market. Please consult Mitsubishi Oman for more detailed information.