Features - Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

INVECS-II 4-speed AT with Sports Mode

For drivers who prefer the convenience of an automatic, INVECS-II 4-speed automatic transmission provides smooth, intelligent shifting. INVECS-II shift control analyzes driving conditions to select the best shifting style, and can even study driving preferences to create a profile that matches driver characteristics. Sports Mode gives drivers direct command over shifting with all the control of a manual transmission and the convenience of an automatic.

Powerful brakes with vacuum booster

For quicker stopping in all conditions, Pajero Sport features large front ventilated disc and rear drum brakes. With an added vacuum booster to multiply emergency stopping power, drivers can now feel confident and safe even when conditions turn hazardous.

ABS with EBD

ABS keeps wheels from locking up to maintain control of the vehicle during hard emergency braking, preventing slipping and skidding. Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) assists by redistributing braking force to the rear brakes as needed, enabling quicker stops even when carrying passengers and heavy loads.

Collapsible steering column

The steering column helps protect drivers in frontal collisions by collapsing away from the interior to reduce the chance of driver injury, while the lower steering shaft compresses to absorb impact energy.

Anti-intrusion brake pedal

The brake pedal folds forward and inward during a frontal collision to help protect the driver's legs.

ELR seatbelts with pretensioners and force-limiters

The front row, 2nd-row side and optionally available 3rd-row seats are equipped with ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor) seatbelts to hold' occupants securely in sudden Stops. In a collision, the front pretensioners tighten as the airbags deploy to minimize movement, while force-limiters then gently release, lowering the chance of injury

Side door impact bars

Thick side bars along the doors resist impact force in the event of a side collision, helping to protect occupants.

Extra-strong body construction

Pajero Sport uses high-tensile steel in key locations, creating an extra-rigid frame of beams and support pillars surrounding the cabin. The rigid beams help to direct damage around and away from the interior in the event of a collision.

6-Airbag System

Because accidents can happen even when driving safely, Pajero Sport offers the protection of front SRS airbags for both driver and front passenger, plus curtain airbags to provide added protection to first - and second-row occupants. Used together with the 3-point ELR seatbelts with pretensioners and force – limiters, they provide an excellent degree of collision safety.

Flexible Utility Space

Your life isn't one-size-fits-all, and your vehicle shouldn't be either. Pajero Sport offers a flexible choice of seat arrangements for carrying extra large cargo, traveling with lots of friends, or any combination in between. And setting up the folding seats is a snap. Your ride, your friends, your cargo, your choice. Pajero Sport offers seating and carrying space as roomy as it is versatile, so you'll be ready no matter who or what is going with you. With all three rows set up, there's room for you and six passengers with ample storage space available at the rear. In addition, several other seating options are also possible.


The 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine delivers an incredible amount of output power for high-range cruising on the open highway, while still providing plenty of torque to give you ample pulling capability when hauling heavy loads or help you get through rough driving conditions with confidence. The Eel-MULTI electronically controlled fuel injection system maximizes intake efficiency to produce more complete combustion, resulting in fewer emissions and giving you even, responsive acceleration you can depend on at any speed. And the single overhead camshaft design reduces engine vibration and mechanical noise for a smooth and quiet ride.

Hybrid LSD

The hybrid-type Limited-Slip Differential (LSD) gives excellent off-road response, combining the torque-sensing benefit of helical gears and a speed-sensing of a viscous coupling unit, all designed to work together with ABS.

Disclaimer: Accessories / Features shown may vary in appearance according to market. Please consult Mitsubishi Oman for more detailed information.