"I have bought five Mitsubishi vehicles so far and I have been very happy with every one of them. I enjoy driving them and have travelled long distances with my family in them including Salalah, Musandam, Dubai and Mecca. They have proved to be very comfortable and reliable vehicles."


"I have owned two Pajeros, The first one in 1998 and then another in 2008, which I currently drive. The vehicle has proved to be very reliable, which is especially advantageous to me as I live in a very remote area. I will remain a loyal to Mitsubishi; firstly, because my family is fully acquainted with Mitsubishi vehicles, and secondly, because I am extremely pleased with both the generations of Mitsubishi Pajeros that I have so far owned."


• A loyal customer to Mitsubishi since 1984.
• Mitsubishi Galant 1984 and 1993.
• Mitsubishi Pajero 2000 and 2008.

"As a customer for Mitsubishi since 1984, I can clearly say that Mitsubishi vehicles are fully able to meet my needs in terms of performance and reliability. I am satisfied with the after sales services and comfortable with the highly qualified staff I deal with. I never have trouble obtaining the support and assistance I require."
"Due to my long-standing relationship with Mitsubishi, I always refer the brand to my relatives and friends and try to share the ‘Mitsubishi experience’ with them. A number of them have since bought Mitsubishi vehicles based on my reference and their experiences with my vehicles."